Accreditation Process Overview

As the accrediting body for the industry, NCCER establishes the benchmark for quality training and assessments. By partnering with industry and academia, NCCER has developed a system for program accreditation that is similar to those found in institutions of higher learning. This process fosters national unity among the construction industry while providing a defined career path with industry-recognized credentials.

NCCER’s accreditation process assures that students and craft professionals receive quality training based on uniform standards and criteria. These standards are outlined in the NCCER Accreditation Guidelines and must be adhered to by all NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors and Accredited Assessment Centers.

How to Become an NCCER Accredited Organization

The following flowchart was created to assist you through the NCCER accreditation process. If you are already accredited and are looking to pursue a second accreditation or crane endorsement, check out the additional flowcharts in the sidebar.


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