Sprinkler Fitting - Find Out What's New

Join this webinar to learn what's changed in the fourth edition of Sprinkler Fitting.

Hear from NCCER's Veronica Westfall and Lauren Corley and American Fire Sprinkler Association's Leslie Clounts and John Denhardt about the updates to the curriculum. Key topics include NFPA 13 standards, practical scenarios, imagery and more!

New Online Courses

NCCER is now offering self-paced Testing System courses. This free training provides a complete overview of the system and is accessible instantly online and available 24/7.

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Registry Webinars

This training covers a Registry System overview, how to add curriculum to your organization, understanding your People’s list and submitting the Instructor/Assessment Certification Form and the Performance Verification Form.

Assessment Platform Webinars

Learn more about assigning and proctoring tests, pulling reports and invoicing in NCCER's new assessment platform. Join a webinar today.

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