2021 Update

NCCER President & CEO Boyd Worsham gives an update on the status of the organization and shares the vision for NCCER for 2021 and beyond. To better serve and support our industry, NCCER’s Board of Trustees approved a significant investment in the future of NCCER’s people, projects and products. These investments will focus on four key areas: product development, technology, rigor and strategic partnerships.


Registry System

Our system helps manage an accredited organization's training & assessment programs.


Online Bookstore

Students can purchase NCCER textbooks through Pearson's Online Bookstore.


Build Your Future

Learn about our recruitment and image enhancement initiative and its resources.


Construction Career Pathways

Make industry-education connections and help build construction career pathways.

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Latest News

Increasing Construction Site Safety With Artificial Intelligence

Safety on a construction site is the most important concern of any construction effort. The dangers and risks associated are very real, with workplace injuries being proportionally higher than in any other private industry. Fortunately, the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) tools is allowing for safer sites.

Kentucky Welding Institute's Training Results in Versatile Craft Professionals

<p>The Kentucky Welding Institute (KWI) opened its doors in&nbsp;August&nbsp;2015 as a grassroots effort with the guidance of&nbsp;education and industry professionals. With input from both academic and welding standpoints, the founding parties were able to craft a certification&nbsp;conglomeration&nbsp;that would ensure well-rounded welders&nbsp;were&nbsp;entering the workforce.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Breaking Ground: The NCCER Digital Newsroom

The NCCER digital newsroom, Breaking Ground, focuses on workforce development, training and innovation within the construction industry as well as highlighting exceptional NCCER sponsors and instructors. Previously known as the Cornerstone magazine, the newsroom is the combination of the print magazine and NCCER's weekly blog.

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Logo Merchandise (eStore)

Enjoy displaying your NCCER and Build Your Future pride by purchasing NCCER branded apparel, gifts, trinkets, and more.

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 Stay informed about trends, projections and workforce development strategies, as well as surveys and implementation efforts.

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Contractors Workforce Development Assessment (CWDA)

Objectively measure a contractor’s commitment to workforce development with this unique assessment tool.

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